Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale Review


Review Summary

Are you shopping for an inexpensive kitchen scale which provides accurate readings?  Consider the highly rated Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale. 

While this scale does not boast as many features as some models which cost a bit more, it is good value, and it is sufficient to fit the needs of most home cooks.


  • 5 pound capacity (There is an option for 11 pound capacity if you pay a few dollars more)
  • 1-gram resolution
  • Measure in grams, ounces, or pounds
  • Includes a plastic bowl (which is removable)
  • Powered by two AA batteries


Tare Function: Want to weigh food in a bowl, but don’t want the weight of the bowl included in the measurement?  Use the tare function to reset the scale to zero after you set the bowl on the scale so that you can get a measurement which is restricted only to the food in the container.

Auto-Off: If you do not use the scale, it shuts off automatically in around half a minute.  This prevents the unit from wasting power if you get distracted or you have too much food on your hands to turn it off while you are working. 

Easy to Use: With just a couple of buttons and a bright, back-lit LCD screen, this scale will not throw you off with a bunch of complicated controls.  You can learn how to use it within just a few minutes.


  • This is a low-cost option.  This is one of the less expensive kitchen scales I have checked out.  You will save money on this device without sacrificing accuracy.
  • The scale measures accurately.  As just mentioned, you get accurate readings on this scale to within a gram. 
  • You can use it with or without the bowl.  You will notice that the Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale comes with a plastic bowl.  The scale works perfectly well with or without it.  It is totally up to you if you want to use it or not. 


  • A few buyers have said the bowl cracked, possibly as a result of washing it in water which was too warm.  This has no bearing on the functionality of the scale or its durability.  
  • There are not a ton of extra features.  Some of the other scales which I have tested definitely offer more features (like conversions).  But not everyone needs these features, and for some buyers, the cost savings are preferable to unnecessary extras.

What the Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale Is Best For

You might consider buying this scale if you want to save money on an accurate measuring device which emphasizes simplicity and ease-of-use over bells and whistles.


The Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale is missing some features which some chefs may find useful, like unit conversions.  But it does include the basic functionality you need for most measuring tasks and is affordably priced.  I was pleased with the model I tested and can give it a confident recommendation.