Battle of the 4-Bottle Wine Coolers: Igloo vs Koolatron

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Finding the right 4 bottle wine cooler can be tricky. It seems like a simple undertaking, when in fact there are few products out there today that do the job well.

And it makes sense- most people that care enough about their wine to purchase a temperature control device for them have more than 4 bottles to take care of. This of course does not apply to everyone.

There are a limited amount of 4 bottle wine coolers out there and available on today’s market. Hard to find, but not hidden, these coolers will provide your wine with ample care.

If you are pressed for space, or simply would like to keep your wine out of the fridge, these are for you.

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The Igloo 4-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Igloo 4 bottle wine cooler is an affordable, compact option for your wine needs. Featuring a vertical design, the Igloo 4 bottle wine cooler features a double pane glass door for added insulation, and adjustable temperature control, allowing you to find the right temperature for your whites or reds and keep it there.

A white interior light provides ample illumination for bottle identification, and the Igloo runs surprisingly quiet for a wine cooler of this size.

The Igloo 4 bottle wine cooler’s design is decidedly compact, measuring 18 inches by 7 inches, and standing 19 inches high- making it a perfect fit for almost any nook or cranny in your kitchen or living area.

The Igloo is also light weight- weighing only 17 pounds. This makes the Igloo is easy to move as needed, and with little fuss.

The simple black finish will compliment any room, and with its size and coloring, can easily fit inside or behind some furniture pieces if need be.

Just remember that ambient temperature has an effect on wine coolers- the tighter the space, the more prone to overheating it will be.

The Igloo 4 bottle wine cooler is very reasonably priced, and most sellers include free shipping with your purchase.

And while not the most attractive of wine coolers, the Igloo does a commendable job of keeping your wine cooled when set up with ample space, in an area that is not too warm. For those who are just looking for a small space to keep a modest bottle of wine cool, this may be the fit for you. We rate the Igloo 4 bottle wine cooler a 7.5 out of 10 for its excellent price point, and serviceable job.


  • Price Point

  • Minimal Footprint

  • Lightweight


  • Prone to overheating in compact areas

  • Ambient temperature dependent


  • 18” x 6.8” x 19”

  • 17.2 lbs.

The Koolatron Compact Thermoelectric 4-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Koolatron Compact Thermoelectric 4 bottle wine cooler packs a lot of punch into a small area. This 4 bottle wine cooler uses a thermoelectric cooling system that can attach vertically, horizontally, or work as a freestanding system- eliminating the condenser while saving space, and giving you options as to how you want your wine cooler set up.

Temperature is controlled using a standard touch-pad control panel, and access is granted via a transparent glass door.

Inside, removable contoured shelves provide space for up to four 25-ounce wine bottles, and soft lights are built into the device for easy identification of bottles.

The Koolatron is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at only 13 pounds. This is doubly impressive when you consider its measurements of 6 inches by 14 inches.

Add in a height of 20 inches, and you have a lightweight, thermoelectric wine cooler that can fit almost anywhere while being both easy to transport and customize to an extent.

It’s not all fun and games, unfortunately. While the thermoelectric cooler lends itself to little or no noise and minimal vibration, there have been issues with the unit itself failing from time to time.

Compounding this issue is a price point that is nearly double that of the Igloo. It is strongly recommended that if you do have a limited space and want the features present in the Koolatron, that you consider either the two or three year protection plans that can be included with your purchase for a modest price.

I’m a fan of the Koolatron. It’s combination of thermoelectric cooling and compact size is very unique, and I can’t wait to see how it evolves with the next model.

I rate the Koolatron Compact Thermoelectric 4-Bottle Wine Cooler an 8 out of 10 for its combination of the latest and greatest wine cooling technology in a small, lightweight frame, while docking it for potential mechanical issues that may crop up.


  • Lightweight

  • Small footprint

  • Thermoelectric cooling system

  • Customizability


  • Potential mechanical issues

  • Have to consider the warranty plan

  • Price point


  • 6” x 14” x 20”

  • 13 lbs.

What’s right for me?

Both the Igloo and Koolatron products represent an interesting option in the world of small wine coolers.

With limited resources from other companies going towards the 4-bottle wine cooler market, it would seem that for the moment these guys have the upper hand in this area.

For my money, I love the Koolatron. I like its thermoelectric cooling system, minimal noise, and customizability.

The light weight of the Koolatron allows for easy movement from one spot to the next, and its footprint is small enough that it can fit almost anywhere, with the understanding that ambient temperature will have an impact on the device.

And while the potential mechanical issues give me pause, Amazon’s extended warranty plans can cover years of use, thus negating the issue.

The Koolatron isn’t built for housing expensive bottles of fine wine. This is a piece designed for the entry-level wine consumer and, understanding that, I see excellent value in it.

This is not to detract from the Igloo with is certainly a find product in its own right. It includes many similar features, and lists for a considerably lower price point that the Koolatron. But for my money, I believe the Koolatron 4-Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler to be the way to go.

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