What You Need to Know About Wine Glasses

When I was a bartender in a very upscale restaurant I learned a lot about how to chill the wine, what beer goes well with the special of the night and so on.

But in my opinion the most helpful information I ever learned about alcohol was how to care for the containers it came in. In this case the care and cleaning of wine glasses.

Below are the four most asked questions about wine glasses that you should know the answers to. You’ll find this information invaluable should you decide to have a wine tasting party or if you simply need to know what to do to take care of your wine glasses.

How should I hold a wine glass?

A: You should hold a wine glass by the stem. By holding a wine glass by the stem you avoid the aroma of the wine being interfered with by any lotions or perfumes that may be lingering on your hand.

Also, by not holding your wine glass by the bowl, you avoid getting fingerprints on the glass. Finally, by holding the wine glass by the stem, the heat from your hand will not turn the flavors of the wine.

Why are red wine glasses and white wine glasses different sizes?

A: Honestly, you can serve any wine you choose in any glass you choose. If you want to serve it in your commemorative Star Wars jelly jar if you want, although if you’re at a dinner party you may get some odd looks.

Traditionally white wine is served in a smaller wine glass than red wine because the larger bowl of the red wine glass apparently holds in the aromas and flavors better. champagne glasses are usually longer because of the fizziness of the wine while dessert glasses are smaller because dessert wines are served in much smaller quantities than other wines.

How do you clean wine glasses?

A: Wine glasses, especially if they’re made from fine crystal should always, always, always be hand washed. You should never put wine glasses in the dishwasher because the extreme heat from the dishwasher can put the dreaded cloudiness on the glass.

When you are washing your wine glasses you should always use warm water and never hot. Use normal dish detergent and adding a little vinegar to the water certainly helps keep the glass from becoming cloudy.

Speaking of cloudy glasses, if by any chance you happen to have a cloudy wine glass here’s the way to remedy the situation. Soak your glasses in white vinegar for an hour or two. Afterward, hand wash the wine glass and dry it with a lint free cloth. There’s a possibility you may have to do it a couple of times in order to get the cloudiness off.

How do you store wine glasses?

A: When storing wine glasses and you want to impress your friends at your next dinner party you can’t go wrong with an elegant glass rack. There are a number of wine glass storage racks available either for hanging your wine glasses from the ceiling or on a counter top.

Sometimes, if you want to buy a small quantity of wine glasses, the rack may be included in the price but often it’s purchased separately. You can buy wine glass storage racks on-line or at specialty stores.

These are very basic questions to a very basic subject. However you never know when you’ll be hosting a dinner party for the boss and your cloudy glasses need cleaning or you leave fingerprints on the glass. You’ll be glad you know these facts.

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