Tips for Saving Time Cleaning in the Kitchen

It Can Be Done Quicker Than You May Think

Cleaning the kitchen is something for me that can take as little as 10 minutes or more than an hour. After many years of cleaning up a kitchen day after day I have learned a lot of ways to save time. There is no reason that it should take over an hour to clean a kitchen and that is why there are things that I have been doing to keep the time I am cleaning my kitchen down, even though it's overloaded with premium items like sous vide machines, rice cookers, and waffle makers.

I try and clean my kitchen counters, kitchen sink and stove top once a week. When the time comes to do this the first thing that I do is wash all of the dishes or at least get them into the dishwasher. This way my sink is empty. Doing the dishes before cleaning the counters and such is not taking an extra step because it is part of the kitchen clean up routine anyway.

Next I remove everything off my counters, small appliances are temporarily set on the dining room table and anything that is not supposed to be on the kitchen counter is set aside to be sorted later. From here I can clean the stove top, sink and counters very quickly. I return all of the counter items to their spot as soon as the counters dry.

While I'm in the business of moving things around, I pay special attention to important appliances like the sous vide machine and check if they need a more thorough clean. Those are the things that are ready to use whenever you need them - somehow those are the ones you forget to clean an wipe down.


For everyday cleaning up in the kitchen I have also found a few things that I can do to cut time in half. When I am done with a plate or bowl I’ll rinse it before the food dries. This will make the task of either washing it by hand or sticking it into the dishwasher a lot easier.

When making something on the counter I will wipe up any spills before they dry as well, this eliminates the time it would take to do scrubbing. This also applies to any spills that happen on the stove top while I am cooking something, it is better to carefully wipe up a spill of tomato sauce the second it happens instead of waiting till the end of the evening when I am doing the dishes and the sauce has cooked on to the hot stove top.

Another way that I have saved time on cleaning is to clean a bit while I am cooking, if I find myself in a situation where I am not needed to be preparing a part of the meal I wash up a couple dishes. I always wait to sweep last so I will only have to sweep the kitchen floor once a day.

My biggest advice though is to not let things get out of hand, waiting too long to wipe the counters and stove top, clean the sink, do the dishes and sweep and mop the floor just leads to you having to spend more time in the kitchen than if you had stayed on top of everything.