6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wine

When you are looking for a delectable wine for a special dinner or just for your day to day, there are some tips to remember.

Even for individuals that do not enjoy wine, there is likely something for their taste as well.

  1. First thing to keep in mind is what you want the wine for, dinner, dessert, or just for kicks. What compliments dinners would be dry and less sweet wines, Shiraz or Cabernets for red wine lovers and White Zinfandels for the white wine set. For desserts you can try Ports, Rieslings, or an ice wine.
  2. Next please remember smell is as important as taste when it comes to wine. All wines first come from grapes and the grapes come from different ground all over the world, depending on what is in the ground it can flavor the wine. Before you pick and stay with a wine, go wine tasting you will be surprised how a Cabernet tastes from Missouri and then one from New York. Also remember before trying the wine swirl it in the glass and sniff the wine, take that in and then sip the wine. This will change the taste of the wine than if you just drink it without thought.
  3. Another important tip is keep an open mind! White wine lovers when tasting wine try reds as well you may find one that works with your palette. Also red wine connoisseurs try white wine as well, there maybe one dry enough for you as well.
  4. Patience is key to enjoying any wine. For most white wines you want to make sure it is truly chilled before you drink. Grab yourself an under counter wine cooler. For reds keeping room temperature is fine however with any wine once it is uncorked you want to let it set out and breathe.
  5. Don’t give up! If you have yet to find a wine that you truly enjoy do not give up. Wines vary just like different ice creams they are all different and it is worth the time to find one that makes your mouth happy.
  6. Lastly remember the wine does not have to be expensive to taste good. You could find a delicious white wine for $20 dollars. However if you have the chance try both, a delectable bottle of wine is oh so worth the price.

Wine requires passion for at least the taste to enjoy, it isn’t required that you know how it is made or how aged it is however knowing these things can help with your appreciation of the delicious ambrosia that wine can be.

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