Start a Summer Wine Club

A wine club can be a perfect way to spend your summer while increasing your knowledge and exposure to the wide variety of wines available worldwide. One of the best ways to learn about wine is to gather with other people and discuss different varieties of wine while enjoying it.

Here are some tips to get started.

  • Decide how many times a week you plan to meet, with each member getting a chance to host the event. Make sure they commit to these dates and plan accordingly.
  • Make sure the founding the members are enthusiastic and passionate about wine tasting. Aim to have about ten to twelve people consisting of a few knowledgeable people and a few members who are beginners and want to learn more about wine.
  • A single bottle of wine will adequately serve nine people.
  • Make sure that the wine club does not clash with other activities. It is of paramount importance that the only aim of meeting should be to partake and enjoy different types of wine.
  • A proper set of wine glasses are a must for a wine club. They help accentuate the taste and an improperly designed wine glass can only hamper the wine tasting experience.
  • Purchase a few books and magazines to guide your tastings. It helps to have some expert knowledge while going through different types of wine.
  • Maintain a binder, scrapbook or online file which contains details of the wines tasted, members who attended, notes on the tasting, and photos of the event.
  • Set a budget for each meeting of the club and try and cover a wide spectrum of wines. An example of a good selection of wines for a meet would be a Pinot Noir, a Chardonnay or a lighter red, a light-bodied Merlot and a Sauvignon.
  • You could also set a theme for the event where you compare wines from a particular region, a particular label or even expensive and inexpensive wines.

Wine tasting is a never ending quest and there is always a new vintage that is waiting to be tasted and discussed.

Gathering together for wine tasting can be an enjoyable and enriching experience. Having a large-capacity bottle wine cooler will allow you to serve many wines on the same evening.

I would like to recommend a few wines from India, where the market has only opened up recently. The mountains of Nasik in India have been discovered to be ideal for wine production and a few brands such as Sula and Nine Hills have started production. I recommend the 2004 vintage Shiraz and Sauvignon by Nine Hills.