Secura 8100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Review


Executive Summary:

One countertop induction burner which is reasonably priced, highly rated, and incredibly popular online is the Secura 8100MC. This portable induction cooktop is lightweight and compact, and can be used indoors or outdoors to prepare your meals. 

Both the temperature and the wattage are fully customizable through a sleek digital control interface. Let’s check out the features in detail, and also compare the Secura 8100MC to the similar 9100MC model.


  • 120 volts, 15 amps

  • 10 power levels available ranging from 200-1,800 watts

  • 10 temperature levels available ranging from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 degrees Fahrenheit

  • 10.5” x 10.5” surface area with 8” diameter burner


Full Control of Settings: With a range of settings available for both temperature and wattage, you can select the right power mode and heat for any kind of cooking. You can even use the Secura 8100MC to stir-fry in a wok. Choosing your settings is easy with the digital control panels.

Digital Timer Included: One great feature for portable use is the built-in timer, which can run as long as 170 minutes.  This prevents you from having to bring a timer with you if you are using the unit outdoors (at a barbecue for example).  The digital timer even includes an auto shutdown feature where the unit will switch itself off after cooking is complete. 

Auto-Off Prevents You From Wasting Power: There is also an auto-off feature which detects when you have removed your cookware from the unit. If after 60 seconds you have not replaced the cookware and have left the burner empty, it will power down.

Diagnostic and Warning Systems Help You Troubleshoot and Stay Safe: The 8100MC includes a warning system for low and high voltage along with a diagnostic error message system. 


  • Your cookware heats up fast with this appliance. Heating is also very even, which makes for even cooking as well.

  • The diagnostic system helps you figure out which cookware is compatible.

  • Many buyers praised the auto-off feature, which is great if you happen to be forgetful while you are cooking.

  • The level of control with this induction heater is amazing; there is nothing you can’t cook on this surface if you have the compatible cookware.


  • The surface may not be large enough for all cookware (i.e. a 12” pot). Some customers also complained it wasn’t a good choice for smaller pots and pans.

  • Most customer complaints (and there are not a lot) were quite varied; there do not seem to be many consistent problems with the 8100MC.

What the Secura 8100MC is Best For

Use this induction heater for all your cooking needs; it is great for boiling, stir-frying and more. 

Because it is so lightweight and includes its own timer, I especially recommend it for outdoor events.

Secura 8100MC vs. Secura 9100MC

If you like the 8100MC, you might also consider the slightly pricier (but comparable) 9100MC.  The two units are almost the same, save for a few distinctions:

  • The 9100MC includes 15 temperature settings within the same range as the 8100MC.

  • It also includes 15 power settings within the same wattage range.

  • The product measures 11.4" x 14" x 2.5" (width/depth/height) and can handle slightly larger pots and pans, though a 12” pan is still pushing the limit.

  • All other features are essentially the same, though the two models have some differences in appearance.

  • While most reviews for the 9100MC are very positive, a few buyers complained it emitted a high-pitched whine. I didn’t experience this issue with either the 9100MC or the 8100MC units I tested.

So: either model is really a great purchase—but if you want even more control when it comes to fine-tuning your settings, or if you want a tad more cooking space, paying a little extra for the 9100MC may be worth it.


The Secura 8100MC induction burner is a top-selling product which for the most part has received outstanding reviews. 

I also had a great experience testing it and was impressed with its ease-of-use and adaptability for a wide range of applications. I was also very pleased with the 9100MC, and would agree that the slightly higher price is worth it for the additional power and heat settings. 

With either of these popular induction heaters, you really cannot go wrong.

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