Organize Your Wine Collection

Having a large wine collection isn’t any fun if it’s hid away in some musty basement or closet. Most people buy something like an Edgestar wine cooler, but of course it's possible to do it yourself, by building your own cabinet wine rack to show off your collection.

You’ll need some basic tools and materials to build this cabinet wine rack. First you’ll need a kitchen cabinet; this is the base of your project. You’ll need some tools as well. These would include an electric drill, table saw, hammer, measuring tape, hole cutter, screwdriver, 1 5/8 inch hole saw, a mallet and bevel chisel. For the materials you will wood screws, sandpaper and wood in 1×6 pieces.

Here’s where the fun begins. Make a sketch that will hold all of the wine bottles. Take the overall size of your existing cabinet into consideration.

You’ll need to use the hammer and screwdriver to take off the cabinet doors, shelves as well as brackets. Determine the cabinet’s width with the measuring tape.

If you collect wine, you know that good circulation is a requirement when storing. To get the correct amount of space, measure the length of the cabinet. Divide the length measurement by 10 and it will give you the number of shelves that you’ll need for your cabinet wine rack.

It’s time to make the side brackets with the 1×6 boards. You need two side brackets. Using the table saw cut each board lengthwise. You’ll need to select one bracket and draw a notch on it six inches from the end. This notch should be 1 inch in length and 1 ½ inches deep.

On the opposite side of the same bracket, repeat the notch, only making it 2 inches from the end.

Lightly gouge out both notches with the mallet and chisel, smooth with sandpaper.

The back shelves of your cabinet wine rack require cutting one of your boards the same length as the rack’s width. With this plank you’ll want to make a line in the center of it lengthwise. Using this length, divide by four and that will be the number of bottles you will have room for on each shelf. Where you mark your lines is where you should make four round holes.

Once the holes are cut out you can cut the plank on the center line and this will be the back of your two shelves.

To make the front shelves you can do it the same as the back shelves. The exception is that you should make shallow concaves in the front shelf.

Smooth and finish the shelves just like you did the brackets, so that you will have smooth edges on your cabinet wine rack.

For best results you can pre-drill holes into the brackets from the outside of the cabinet. Secure the brackets with wood glue and wood screws. You should make sure that brackets are in line with each other.

You are finished and now your cabinet wine rack should be ready. The best way to test racks for steadiness is to place bottles on racks one at a time. You have created a one of a kind, designer show case for showing off your wine collection.