NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Review

Review Summary:

Interested in an induction burner, but want a cooktop which offers more than just 10-15 temperature settings?  The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is accurately named; it includes a much higher degree of precision in its settings, providing you with superior control for recipes which require a more nuanced approach. 

There are also some other outstanding advanced features for dedicated chefs.  


  • Includes 6 pre-programmed temperature settings
  • 52 temperature settings available between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 575 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Best for pans up to 9”
  • 100 hours of program memory
  • Auto-off feature included


Amazing Precision Control: The majority of the induction heaters I have tested only gave me around 15 temperature settings.  This appliance offers 52.  While that might be overkill for the casual cook, for the gourmet chef who needs the perfect temperature to prepare a finicky dish, this is a godsend.  The overall range is wider as well, allowing you to cook at higher and lower temperatures than you can on other induction burners.

Program In Your Favorite Recipes:  Don’t want to constantly look up temperature settings or worry about when to switch to the next stage in a complicated recipe?  With 100 hours of programmable memory, you can store your recipes and let the induction heater do the hard work for you.

Automatic Shut-Off Ensures Safety and Conserves Energy: When you remove your pot or pan, the NuWave PIC shuts down automatically.  This is great if you are distracted by other food preparation steps and sometimes forget to power down your appliances.


  • You get a lot of extras with your purchase, including a cookbook, frying pan and instructional DVD.
  • The wider temperature range and the option to adjust within 5 degree increments is incredibly useful if you are a serious chef.
  • Many customers actually emphasized how quiet this appliance is (though it depends on the settings you choose).
  • The extreme adaptability with temperature settings means you can sear, boil, sauté, steam, stir-fry, boil, simmer, slow-cook, and more.


  • The price is a little steep.  Some other highly rated models cost significantly less.  That being said, this is a much more advanced model, so if you need those features, the extra cost is entirely justified.
  • Some customers have mentioned quality control problems (errors and so forth).  Thankfully I did not experience these at all with the cooktop I tested.

What the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Is Best For:

This induction burner is a superb choice if you are a gourmet chef and need more temperature control than the average induction burner provides you with.  The memory feature can help you streamline complex food prep procedures.


For gourmet chefs who are searching for more precision control than they would get with the typical induction cooktop, the NuWave PIC offers sophisticated functionality.  With 52 temperature settings and 100 hours of programmable memory, this is the advanced induction cooktop which every epicurean needs.

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