Is It Safe To Use A Turkey Fryer?

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Keeping in mind one’s safety and the ambiance of the house, it is better to deep fry your turkey outdoors.

In such case, you are saving yourself from burning materials like your wooden deck. Also, think about all that hot oil, which can be quite hazardous. When it comes into contact with open flames, it will lead to a huge fire, consuming everything within it.

Read the manual, follow common sense instructions, and don't let William Shatner see you taking stupid risks!

The Growing Popularity of Turkey Fryers

Compared to microwave ovens, a turkey fryer is much easier to use and faster. Besides that, there is less chance for the food to dry out in comparison to baking a turkey in the oven.

What makes fried turkey a great delicacy is the presences of full flavors and the juicy-crispy skin. Most importantly with a turkey fryer, you can save time while you are making a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and avoid the grumbling of family members and empty stomachs.

Different Kinds of Turkey Deep Fryers

● Propane Turkey Fryer

You can get two kinds of propane turkey fryer, one with oil and another one without oil. Both the turkey fryers are powered by a propane tank.

Now while using the propane fat turkey fryer, you must first deep fry the turkey in a huge pot filled with heated oil. This common outdoor turkey fryer will have a huge and narrow stock pot, burner stand and a propane gas tank.

In addition, you will have a hook which you can use for lifting the cooking basket safely. This is common in most propane turkey fryers. And the presences of the outdoor turkey support will help in giving additional safety while using the hot oil pot.

Most of the time, the pots will either have a draining value or a spigot. If you have a turkey fryer with a drain spot, it will be quite easy to remove all the consumed oil from the given pot.

Do you know some of the major gas burners have various safety features? It is common to find interesting characteristics like a wide set of legs. This helps in providing stability and even the presences of the automatic shut of a button is a great feature too.

● Electric Turkey Fryer

Basically, you might come across two different electric turkey fryers online. Now, one will be using oil for cooking while another one utilizes radiant heat. The electric turkey fryer has a variety of features like timer, thermostat temperature control, auto-shut off. And the major feature is that they can be used indoors too.

Compared to outdoor fryers, electric ones use less oil. For e.g.; the Butterball XL is an excellent electric turkey fryer which uses only about 2.75 gallons of cooking oil when compared o the 4-6 gallons utilized in the common and traditional propane outdoor fryers.

Another awesome electric turkey fryer is the Waring Pro TF200B electric turkey fryer. This uses somewhere about 2.5 gallons of cooking oil and contains the best rotisserie feature where the turkey gets rotated in hot oil. There are other electric turkey fryers like the Butterball oil turkey which cooks with the help of radiant heat.

● Oil Less Turkey Fryer

Most people assume that they need to add oil for frying their turkey. However, the time has come to burst that bubble!

It is NOT necessary to have oil for frying a turkey; radiant heat can be used to cook it. And the major advantage is that the turkey that you get will be low fat, tasty and moist. Plus you can save a lot on oil consumption as this runs on a tank of propane gas or electric power.

So, you don’t need to try expensive peanut oil, and can avoid storing the used oil and cleaning the oil mess after frying. And most importantly, it is hands-free, making sure that you don’t need to always monitor the correct temperature of the oil which is common in most of the deep fryers that use oil.

Accessories To Use With a Turkey Fryer

There are two major accessories that you need while using a turkey fryer. One is a meat thermometer and another one is a heat resistant oven mitts. Using a meat thermometer, you can easily cook the turkey and make it perfect. So, you will be having no more overcooked turkey which is a tough and dry meat.

Using a heat resistant oven mitt, you can provide extensive protection to your five fingers. Usually, you might have to be secured from the oil splatters and heat while frying a turkey.


No doubt, using a good turkey fryer is much better and safer than using a cheap one. Not only will you get a good and juicy turkey, but also you'll save a lot of time and effort.

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