Imperia Pasta Maker Review


If you’ve been looking to get back to basics in your kitchen, this pasta maker may be just what you’re looking for. A manual pasta maker that’s made in Italy, this little machine will have you salivating over your freshly-made pasta.

Solidly made and available at an affordable price, the Imperia pasta maker is ranked number one for at-home pasta maker machines.

After making your own pasta, there’s a good chance you’ll never want to go back to store-bought boxed pasta again.

Anyone can use this pasta machine. It’s lightweight, user-friendly, and takes up little storage space.

Simple to use, yet sturdy and capable, this is the kind of tool both the experienced and the novice can enjoy using.


This pasta maker is a tabletop model, equipped with a clamp to keep it in place. Its 6-inch wide roller and wooden-handled hand crank are both practical and efficient.

The base model includes a cutter for fettuccine and spaghetti, but there are additional attachments available from the manufacturer.

The attachments enable this pasta maker to easily make farfalle, lasagna noodles, and conchiglie—and more.

This model features a double cutter made of heavy-duty steel. The Imperia handles even thick, wholewheat pasta with ease.

This pasta maker weighs under 8 pounds, which means just about anyone can set it up and use it safely. This is a sturdy piece, made out of chrome-plated steel for a long life.

Ease of Use

The Imperia is easy and straightforward to use. If your pasta is the right consistency—don’t put anything too doughy or sticky through the machine—cleanup is fast and the unit is low maintenance.

Using the machine for the first time is exciting, but the instructions say you’ll want the first batch to be a test batch.

Plan on throwing it away—and delaying that first taste of homemade pasta—in case any manufacturing or packaging residue is inside the unit.

Maintaining the machine is simple. Keep it clean with a quick wipe down, but avoid getting the blades wet.

Like other products made out of carbon steel, leaving moisture on the blades can result in rust forming.

If you’re looking for a machine with easy-to-follow instructions, this is not it. What instructions there are in English have been poorly translated.

Fortunately, the machine is straightforward enough, so that extensive directions are not needed.

A compatible motor is available to purchase if you’d prefer to convert from a hand-crank machine.

I’m sure you’ll agree, however, that the motor isn’t necessary and hand-cranking produces a nice pasta with little effort.

The clamping feature is sufficient and helpful as long as it works with the countertop you have. Depending on the height of your countertop, you may need to look for an alternative surface—like a dining room table—for best performance.

Our Assessment

This machine works well. The dough is easily rolled and it cuts pasta beautifully. The pieces come out sharply and separate from the machine cleanly.

The cutters seem to be sturdier than other brands that use aluminum cutters.

For optimal performance, the dough should be quite dry. There needs to be only enough moisture to prevent it from flaking apart. Too much moisture will result in a sticky dough that won’t move well through the machine.

If you’re having difficulty with your dough, you can let it sit for a few minutes to fully incorporate the flour.

This will have the dough sliding through the machine easily, leaving nothing behind.

This pasta maker should not be exposed to water. After using your machine, it’s simple to keep it in working order by giving it a quick, dry wipedown.

If your blades need a more rigorous clean, a simple regimen with a pastry brush should suffice.

The difference in taste, between homemade and store-bought pasta, is amazing. This pasta maker can be a great addition to any kitchen—whether you’re an experienced pasta maker or it’s your first time trying it out.

The attachments offer great options for your pasta making, but do tend to create a thick noodle.

For best results, roll the dough as thin as possible before putting it through the cutter. This will help keep your pasta light, and also help prevent any clogging.

Perhaps you’ve considered purchasing an at-home pasta maker in the past. If you’ve been intimidated by the price or the process, this machine can alleviate your fears.

It really is simple to use and is offered at an affordable price.

The Imperia pasta maker machine gives you the perfect place to start—and room to expand if you find you love using it. Especially if it’s your first foray into pasta making, this machine is a great choice.

You certainly won’t regret being able to make pasta in your own home!