How to Choose Kitchen Paint Colors in Sonora Desert and Autumn Fire

Festive Color Combination

Does a new kitchen design make you feel like you could turn your frown upside down? A dull and boring kitchen motif can make you feel like singing the blues, but inspirational paint colors like Sonora Desert and Autumn Fire can bring new life to your kitchen design.

Choosing a new kitchen color palette can help you generate warmth and personality for your inspirational home improvement project. A happy color scheme that includes the soft and warm hues of the Sonora Desert and combines them with the bold and vivacious reds in Autumn Fire really help you embark on a fresh kitchen design.

The combination of these colors can help you create the kitchen of your dreams. A few practical tips will guide you on your way to a new kitchen color palette.


Kitchen Paint Color Tip Number One: Sonora Desert is Relaxing

When you first think of the desert, you might conjure up images of a vast wasteland with little color and no water. Fortunately, Sonora Desert kitchen paint colors are anything but a waste. Sonora Desert is a soft beige color that has a tint of subtle taupe in the mix.

Choosing a kitchen paint color that is as versatile as Sonora Desert is the perfect way to keep plenty of options open in your room design. A kitchen paint color needs to have a midrange level of intensity to allow the room to shine while still keeping a neutral canvas.

Typically, the shades of color that are in the middle of a paint card or color swatch are the best choices for a new kitchen design. This warm and relaxing paint color that falls in the middle of a paint card will bring you a design that offers freedom and flexibility.


Kitchen Paint Color Tip Number Two: Autumn Fire is…WOW

Since you have selected a basic neutral color as your primary kitchen color, you can experiment with the addition of Autumn Fire. This paint color is bold and creative and can be used as the perfect accent color in a kitchen design.

Choosing a kitchen paint color in Autumn Fire means that you love the warm hues of autumn, the feisty flavors or red, and the brilliance of deep orange. Structuring your kitchen in a way where Autumn Fire can be used as a valuable accent color means that you have an inspiring and artistic mind. Go bold with color and reap the designer’s harvest.

Best of all, it'll totally fit with your new cotton candy machine!

Kitchen Paint Color Tip Number Three: Color must Create a Livable Theme

A kitchen color scheme that involves the combination of Sonora Desert and Autumn Fire helps add a twist of design inspiration to the room. Since the kitchen is your most frequently used room in the house, often know as the hub of the home, you want it to have a livable design.

Choosing complementary paint colors for the kitchen is the best way to ensure that your room design is functional, attractive, and livable. If you feel like singing the blues because your kitchen is in need of a paint transformation, consider using Sonora Desert and Autumn Fire paint colors. In no time at all, you will have a big smile on your face because your kitchen color palette will be the talk of the town. (Note - this might only be true in particularly small towns.)