Kids' Cooking Project: Easy Deli Cakes

Fabulous Cakes for Kids and Beginners

Learning to cook is a lot of fun, isn’t it? No more having to purchase box dinners from the grocery store or take-outs from a local eatery. You can now make most of those foods yourself. It’s great!

By now, you’ve probably baked a cake; hopefully that went well for you. It’s not hard to make a cake if you follow the simple directions on the box and set the oven for the proper temperature.

If you’ve gotten that down pat you’re ready to move on to more luscious desserts. Don’t worry – you can do it! It’s easy as pie to make deli-style cakes that will definitely impress the crowd!

You don’t need to practice and practice to become really good at creating deli cakes. They’re so easy! You don’t need a lot of special cookware and flavorings to make a wide assortment of delicious and great-looking cakes.

One example of an easy deli-style cake is to start with an ordinary cake mix. While following the directions on the box replace the required water with a different liquid. Use pineapple juice for a yellow cake mix or orange juice with a white cake mix. Even use Kool-Aid, apple juice and other liquids.

The liquid you choose will become the flavor of the cake. Use food coloring to tint the icing to an appropriate color for the type of cake. After frosting the cake place pineapple slices, orange wedges or other fruits on top.

Make something a little different by starting with a white cake mix. After baking the cake allow it to cool while you mix up your favorite flavor of Jell-O gelatin. Use the handle of a wooden spoon – or even a toothpick – to make holes in the cake. Make many holes with the spoon; many more with a toothpick.

Pour the flavored gelatin, as soon as it’s mixed, over the cool cake. The colorful liquid seeps into the holes and creates a unique cake. When the cake is cut the color appears as stripes inside the cake. It’s beautiful and impressive.

Make a cake with a unique surprise when you start with an ordinary cake mix. Bake a round cake and allow it to cool. Cut a hole in the center of the cake and put in a choice of goodies. The hole should be fairly large and scooped out all the way to the bottom.

Fill the hole with chocolate sauce, strawberry preserves or even pudding. Frost the cake or serve it as-is with the filling exposed. Or, frost the cake, including the inside of the hole, then fill it with the chosen filling.

Make ice cream cakes by shaping a pan from foil. Use three or four layers of thick foil to make the pan. Turn a large bowl upside-down and press the foil over it to make the shape. Spray the new foil pan with non-stick cooking spray and fill it with the cake mix.

After the cake has cooled, scoop out a portion from the flat side of the cake, and fill with the ice cream. Set a plate over the top of the flat side of the cake and turn the cake over. The ice cream is now inside the cake and you can remove the foil. Frost the cake and keep it frozen until ready to serve.

Create a much different – and very easy – ice cream cake by starting with ice cream sandwiches. Break them into pieces and fill the bottom of a rectangular pan with the pieces. Now cover with whipped cream and drizzle chocolate sauce all over it.

Add sprinkles, chocolate chips – whatever you want. Instead of chocolate sauce you can spread strawberry preserves all over the ice cream bars then top with the whipped cream.

There are several different techniques you can use to create beautiful or whimsical designs on top of any cake. A really easy way to make designs is to use cookie cutters. Select the cutter, like a star, and set it on top of the frosted cake.

Drop candy sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, or even powdered sugar inside the cookie cutter. Carefully remove the cutter and the design is made. Instead of filling the cookie cutter you can just use it to make an imprint on the cake. Now, remove the cutter and use gel frosting to trace around the image. These techniques allow you to create a cake with any theme – so long as you have the cookie cutters for that theme.

Make any boxed cake mix, frost it, then put it in the freezer so the icing will set. Remove from the freezer to create the new design atop the cake. Tape a piece of waxed paper over the top of a torn-out coloring book page.

Use tube frosting to outline the image on the waxed paper. Turn the wax paper upside-down and position it over the cake. Gently lay the paper on the frosting and quickly remove it. The image will transfer to the top of the cake. If needed, use the tube frosting to fill in any gaps. This is a great method to use when making children’s birthday cakes.

Even if you are a beginner when it comes to cake-making you will have no trouble creating the above deli-type cakes. They’re easy, cost little, but will leave a lasting impression on those who eat them.

Now you can create luscious cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special occasions. After making and serving a couple of these scrumptious cakes don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly in the cake-making business!

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