Culinare One Touch Electric Can Opener Review


A few years ago, you wouldn't have caught me dead with an electric can opener. While I could certainly see their relevance for the elderly, or people who struggle with joint pain or have limited strength or movement in their hands, I thought their wider promotion was another sign of the growing laziness and incompetence of society.  A few years ago, however, manual can openers actually opened cans.

stabbing cans with a knife.jpg

Recently, I've taken to stabbing cans with a knife, because none of the manual can openers currently in shops appear to be able to handle their simple, stated task, and get a can open. When I don't feel all knife-wielding and stabby, I spend a little more, and buy the cans with ring pulls.

But it shouldn't have to be this way.  It shouldn't matter to me whether my dog food, hot dogs, or mac-'n'-cheese has a ring pull on its lid or not: there should be in my kitchen a can opener that can open cans.

So, I got an electric can opener.  I look on it as the latest step down a depressing avenue of home ownership, mostly gainful employment, pension funds, and concern about “savings.”

Tinned goods, your time is up! I don't know why I didn't bite the bullet and get one of these little gizmos sooner!

First impressions were that it was nicely packaged, with the packaging designed to be easy to get into. Yes, the tin opener does need batteries, but AA batteries are readily available. You probably have a drawer full of them.

Batteries installed, the first thing to come under attack was a tin of hot dogs, which I like to eat as they come – no heating up, no rolls, no mustard or ketchup or any ot that. Just a hot dog sausage, straight out of the can. (Editor's note - ewwwwwwwwwwww!)

the wrong way to eat hot dogs.jpg

After a little trial and error as to which way to place the electric tin opener (it goes horizontally across the the tin, I learned), I switched it on, via a simple press button – and seconds later, my tin was devoid of its lid, which had been smoothly removed, with no rough edges visible. Perfect!

If I had any complaints, it's that the electric can opener does run somewhat loud, but that's a niggle, rather than a complaint.


  • Easy-open packaging
  • Smooth, curved surface is easy to hold
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quickly and easily open canned goods and tins
  • Affordable


  • A little noisy
  • Would be an added bonus if batteries were included


If you lack grip or strength in your hands, or suffer from joint pain, an electric can opener is a necessity, rather than a luxury.  While this model may be a little awkward initially, its smooth, curved surface should make life a lot easier for those who find the grip and twist required for manual tin openers a struggle.

And if you are physically able to use a manual can opener, but find yourself frustrated with how fundamentally useless many of them seem to be? Buy this – it's affordable, it works, and it should fit neatly in a drawer or kitchen cupboard.

Value For Money?

Even though, in my case, this isn't a necessity, it will definitely make life a lot easier. It's affordable, and seems to be good quality – nothing to complain about.