Cuisinart DCC-3200 Programmable Coffeemaker Review


Executive Summary

Our reviewers give this 9 out of 10, praising the improvements that have been made over its predecessor, the DCC-1200 (in terms of capacity and temperature settings). It has an ergonomic and sleek design which easily fits in kitchen counters. Overall, it is well-priced for its functionality and features.

It stars in our roundup of the best coffee makers.

Brief Product Description

Coffee lovers rejoice! Now you can enjoy high-quality brews in the comfort of your home. The Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-cups Programmable Coffeemaker allows you to achieve your desired coffee taste and quality using its customizable features over temperature and flavor strength. It also allows you to set up its brewing time ahead so your brew is ready when you are ready too.

What Comes in the Box

  • 1 unit Cuisinart DCC-3200
  • 1 Carafe DCC-2800 CRF
  • 1 Carafe Lid DC-2800 CL
  • 1 Gold Tone Filter
  • 1 Water Filter Holder DCC-3200 WFH
  • Charcoal Filters

Product Features & Technical Details

The DCC-3200 uses state-of-the-art technology in its heating mechanism, which allows the coffee to reach the optimum temperature that can bring out the best taste of premium coffee beans.

It is also built with coffee lovers in mind, people who are particular about the quality and strength of their brews. One may choose a regular brewed cup for a normal daily fix or a quick perk-me-up brew for an extra caffeine boost.

With its three-mode temperature program, coffee stays within your desired temperature even after adding cream, milk or sugar. You may opt for the high-temperature setting when you like to put in more add-ons, or the medium or low temperature setting if you are struggling in the morning and needed a quick gulp.

It allows a smaller brew cycle that can yield up to four cups, though the carafe can hold up to 14 cups. With its Brew Pause™ feature, you can disrupt brew drip midway to pour on your first cup. However, take note that it may affect the taste of your succeeding cups as getting the first drip disrupts the flavor profile towards the end. 

It has a sleek design which can easily fit in any modern kitchen arrangement and color scheme. It comes in two colors, silver and white.

Intuitive and easy to use, Cuisinart have spent some time designing this one - buttons are properly arranged and labeled for easy location and operation. The LED display allows you to see the setting it is currently operating on and adjust according to your preference. It also doubles as a digital clock.

You can attend to other important stuff while you wait for your coffee to brew as it has an audible tone to indicate that the brew cycle is finished. The control panel comes with a button you can press to kill this alert. 

A programmable Auto-on feature lets your unit automatically start brewing at a later time - a maximum of 24 hours from now. There's also a removable carafe lid, which is easily taken off and snaps back in place with the same ease.

Its water reservoir has a detailed water level indicator on its side window, which allows you to put on accurate water measurements based on the desired number of cups to yield. No more tasteless or overpowering coffee for you.

It is easy to clean and maintain with its self-clean feature, which alerts you when it’s time to do so. In the LED indicator, the CLEAN lights up and you may start following the procedure indicated in the manual for proper cleaning of the unit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Height x Width x Depth: 14.25" x 8" x 9" 
  • UC Weight: 9.5 pounds 
  • UC Volume: 1.224 cubic feet
  • UC Length x Width x Height: 20.75" 13.35" x 17" 
  • MC Weight: 19.0 pounds
  • MC Volume: 2.705 cubic feet 
  • Manufacturer: Cuisinart
  • Model: DCC-3200


  1. Definitely one of the best coffee makers within its price range. Being programmable allows you to customize the unit to deliver coffee according to your preference such as temperature and flavor strength. The Auto-on feature lets you set the time to start brewing your coffee and have it ready when you need it. It also boasts a Clean LED indicator which alerts you when it’s time to decalcify the unit.
  2. The larger capacity of the carafe (compared with the previous model), without a noticeable difference in the space it takes up on the counter is also an advantage. Its glass body keeps the coffee hot longer, and its lid can be popped on and detached to avoid intervening with the pour.
  3. The most noticeable feature is its Brew Pause™ which can be useful for those moments you're time-pressed and needed your coffee fix quickly.
  4. Overall, it is better than most coffee makers in its level, and definitely over the previous model (DCC-1200). 


  1. Coffee makers tend to create a lot of steam, and this is no exception. So it is advisable that you place it away from wooden cabinets, making it harder to find a good spot to place on. Its temperature setting must be used carefully as some may find the Hot setting so hot that it can burn. Although it comes with a gold reusable filter, you should be putting a paper filter on top, to best discard the coarser coffee grounds that may clog the tubes.

Who Should Buy This Product

The product is programmable and has customizable features, which are best for the modern household whose lives are fast paced but could be laid back as well on some days. It is also perfect for coffee connoisseurs, who are particular about the temperature and quality of their brews. Its sleek and compact design blend well with other modern kitchen appliances, giving kitchen design enthusiasts a delight.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, the DCC-3200 is a highly-recommended product, which once again has proven to live up to the expectations of its consumers from a well-known kitchen appliance brand like Cuisinart. It is priced reasonably, and coffee enthusiasts will definitely be satisfied with its usability and functionality.