Marvel Beverage Centers Compared

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For those familiar with Marvel Beverage Centers, there is no substitute. They are industrial grade, and found in as many businesses as they are homes, be they gas stations, hotels, or apartment buildings.

These beverage centers act as a means to safely and conveniently store a variety of goods with easy access in a reliable, climate controlled space. This is Marvel’s bread and butter, so to speak.

Why Marvel?

If you were looking for a beverage center, you’d be hard pressed to do better than Marvel. Their combination of high quality components and expert construction has given them a reputation for excellence. Solid, and built to last, the Marvel Beverage Center line is one that won’t need to be replaced.

Their combination of high quality components and expert construction has given them a reputation for excellence.

Picking the right Marvel Beverage Center

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When looking for the right Marvel product for you, there are options. Whether you are looking for something for a shelf space as a stand-alone unit, or something to be built into an existing cabinet, Marvel gives you options.

In this article, we have put together a list of some of our preferred Marvel Beverage Centers. Durable and heavy duty, these products are made to make you happy. Read on!

The Marvel Beverage Refrigerator and Crisper

The Marvel Beverage Refrigerator and Crisper is designed to be built into existing cabinet space. Using Dynamic Cooling Technology, this Marvel product delivers rapid cooling and even temperature stability efficiently, and includes Intuit Integrated Control for precise temperature management between 34 degrees and 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is commercial grade cooling built for your home. This Marvel Beverage Center includes a crisper for keeping vegetables fresh, and split shelving up top for a variety of goods.

A close door assist system automatically closes the cantilevered steel-framed glass door for piece of mind while keeping your foodstuffs safe.

This Marvel Beverage Center features stainless steel throughout the construction for a sturdy, heavy-duty feel that can stand up to repeated, and impolite use across the years.

Measuring 24 inches by 24 inches, and with a 31 inch height (perfect for most cabinet spaces), this beverage center supplies 4.9 cubic feet of climate controlled storage space.

All of the steel and heavy-duty components do come at a price, however. This Marvel product is heavy, and weighs in at 140 pounds, which is a lot for a product with a footprint of only two feet by two feet.

This is a great beverage center for any home with children.

This is a great beverage center for any home with children. The ease of access for snacks and drinks mixes very well with the auto closing door, as well as the heavy-duty steel construction.

Consider a three or four year protection plan for piece of mind in this scenario, and use the Marvel Beverage Refrigerator and Crisper knowing that you are covered. I rate this Marvel beverage center an 8.5 out of 10, and highly recommend it.


  • Steel and Stainless steal components

  • Heavy duty

  • 24 inch by 24 inch footprint

  • Auto closing door


  • Weight


  • 24” x 24” x 31”

  • 140 lbs.

The Marvel Professional Glass Refrigerator

The Marvel Professional Glass Refrigerator is that upgrade anyone would want in his or her kitchen. This Marvel beverage center also features Marvel’s patented Dynamic Cooling Technology for an accurate temperature control between 33 degrees and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cantilever shelves provide ample storage, with additional space for tall or open bottles. Fully adjustable glide-out shelves are perfect for wine, and the unit as a whole boasts more interior space than the Marvel Beverage Refrigerator and Crisper- besting it by 5.6 cubic feet of storage compared to 4.9 cubic feet.

This Marvel beverage center is every bit as bullet proof as its counterparts, featuring stainless steel components, and a polished stainless steel and glass door frame.

This is an Energy Star certified product- using energy efficient materials, down to the LED interior display lighting and temperature controls.

While the Marvel Professional Glass Refrigerator is definitely heavy, weighing in at 125 lbs., it is lighter than the Marvel Crisper, despite standing slightly taller (34 inches to 31 inches), making for a winning combination of a lighter weight, larger beverage center for a similar price.

This is a freestanding unit, with installation being straightforward. The design includes leveling legs that each measures one inch in height, but it is still recommended that, considering the weight, you consider professional installation to avoid the heavy lifting and leveling involved.

Also consider the extended warranty plans, with come at a discounted price compared to the Crisper.

The Marvel Professional Glass Refrigerator is a great product that will look wonderful in your home- standing up to years of use, while requiring little upkeep to keep going.

It’s combination of storage capacity, excellent construction materials, and price point comparable to other Marvel products puts the Professional Glass Refrigerator in the lead, and we rate this product a 9 out of 10.


  • Steel and polished Stainless steal components

  • Heavy duty

  • 24 inch by 24 inch footprint

  • Includes auto closing door


  • Weight


  • 24” x 24” x 34”

  • 125 lbs.

Picking the Right One

Between the Marvel Beverage Refrigerator and Crisper, and the Marvel Professional Glass Refrigerator, there is not much of a competition.

The Professional Glass Refrigerator offers more space, weighs less, and can be leveled, while costing approximately the same.

Every the Warranty plans are less expensive for the Professional Glass, and the shined stainless steel door is not only easy to look at, but fits well into any modern kitchen.

They are, of course, both excellent products, as are all Marvel items. And their combination of quality, ruggedness, and longevity will serve you well, should you decide on either of these products.

But for my money, go for the Energy Star with the great look and better storage capacity, and make sure that its level when you install it into your kitchen.

We hope that this helps you along in your search for Marvel products. Good luck out there and happy hunting!

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