Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer Review


Executive Summary:

If you are shopping for a turkey fryer which is highly rated by experts and customers alike, consider the Bayou Classic 1118.  This 32-quart fryer can handle turkey, chicken, vegetables, seafood, tamales, and more, making it an all-in-one choice for preparing a wide range of cuisines. 

Lauded by buyers for its solid construction, it provides you with excellent functionality at a reasonable price.  Let’s take an in-depth look.


  • 32-quart capacity
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Lid is vented
  • Includes a set of heavy-duty handles to facilitate transportation
  • Your purchase comes with the pot and lid, basket, hook and hook plate, injector, thermometer, and three skewers.


Cook Just About Anything: While this is sold as a turkey fryer, you can prepare so many different dishes in it!  Here are just a few meals that reviewers have prepared in the Bayou Classic 1118: Turkey, chicken, prime rib, crab, spiral ham, chili, tamales. I’ve prepared turkey, vegetables, and ham in mine, and have had outstanding results every time.

Extra Large Capacity: 32 quarts gives you plenty of room to work with. I would cap off the weight around 20 pounds, though.  You are pushing it at around 22 pounds. (That’s a big turkey!)

Stainless Steel for Durable Construction and Easy Cleaning: Both the pot itself and the basket are made of stainless steel. The design includes a rim inside for the basket, which keeps it from resting on the bottom—this in turn allows for better cooking. The steel is sturdy and ridiculously easy to clean.


  • This turkey pot is incredibly versatile, and can be used to prepare a ton of different dishes with ease.
  • The construction allows for optimal boiling and/or frying.
  • All the accessories you need are included, even a thermometer.
  • The huge capacity means you can prepare a lot of food all at once—ideal for serving large parties.
  • The stainless steel is strong and holds its polish nicely. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to keep clean.
  • The price is great, considering all the accessories you get along with the cookpot.


  • One concern is that I did see multiple reviews that claimed this pot is aluminum, not stainless steel. This was not my experience, so I am not sure what it could mean. Perhaps these buyers were shipped the wrong product.
  • A couple customers said they discovered a hole at the bottom of the pot. The one I purchased was flawless, and has held up great to lots of use. Perhaps the reports of holes involved damage during shipping—always a risk when you buy an appliance online.

What the Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer is Best For

A better question might be, “What is the Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer not best for?” The versatility of this cook pot is incredible. I would recommend it highly though for those who need the large capacity, either to serve a big family or to cook for parties and events.


The Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer has received numerous excellent reviews online, and with good reason. When I tested it out, I too was impressed by the materials and construction, and the meals I made were easy to prepare and came out tasting great with just the right texture and consistency. 

I can enthusiastically recommend this fryer to anyone looking for a large capacity cook pot which delivers.

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